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The Hobbs Island Shooting Range is the newest firearms range in North Alabama. We offer ranges from 25 yards to 375 yards for everyone from beginner to advanced sharp shooter. We also have dedicated pistol bays for those who want to develop or enhance their targeting or personal defense skills. Our convenient location (just 10 minutes from town) makes it easy to get to a range whenever you want.

4/23/2019****UPDATE:  Yesterday we finally signed the construction contract to build the Hobbs Island Shooting Range! On Monday, April 29th, we will have the ground breaking ceremony at the range site.  We'll start the event at 1:00 PM and should wrap up around 2:30 PM.  All are welcome to attend!  The work on the range should be complete no later than September 30th (that is the worst case scenario).  We are aiming to have it open  by the end of August, but the weather will be the determining factor.  In any case, the Hobbs Island Shooting Range will be opening this year! 

3/18/2019****UPDATE:  Rain delays have been the norm this year, but maybe a break is around the corner!  We have builders ready to move out once the ground is solid enough to work.  Thankfully, the rains we had this year are not the norm!  The good news is that once the range is complete, even flooding like this will only impact the longest distance ranges.  The 25-100 yard lanes would not have been affected.  All that said, it is looking like we will have to move the anticipated opening date out to June or even early July.  This has been a long and difficult journey, but we're getting closer to making HISR a reality.  Keep track of us here or on our Facebook page! 

12/17/2018****UPDATE: After almost 18 months since we initiated the purchase for the land, we closed on it this past week!  Also, we obtained our Madison County business license this past week.  The next step is to get the completed drawings for the range construction and then begin the building phase!  Weather permitting, we are going to try to put in some temporary berms so that we can start shooting (short distance/pistol and rimfire) on weekends.  We'll post more information about that if/when it happens.  Thanks for all of your patience while we try to get this range up and going!

9/23/2018****UPDATE:  We have begun putting together the schematics for the range and clubhouse/training facility! Once those are finalized, we'll go out for bids. We're still tracking for a limited opening in early November! So glad to finally be back on track!

Membership:  If you want to be a member of HISR, we are taking applications  NOW.  Please download and complete the form located under the Membership tab on our website.   DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY with your application.  We will collect all monies during the orientation sessions.  If you want, you can also send us a copy of your driver's  license  and a copy of your concealed carry license, if you have one.  HISR will have an FFL so as to be able to perform firearms transfers.  If we have a copy of your CC license, it will make the transfer process easier on all of us.  Also, we do require a copy of your driver's license, so sending it in now will speed things up!


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